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Have You Checked Your FaceBook Security Settings Lately? Yikes!

You know how FaceBook constantly makes changes? You know how FaceBook makes changes but doesn’t always tell you about it? Well, how do you know if you are browsing safely while logged in? Better check these settings! You just might be vulnerable to be hacked.

  1. Go to your Account, top right corner
  2. Click on “Account Settings”
  3. Click on “Account Security”
  4. Click the blue word “change”
  5. A drop down will show you a box you can tick called “Secure Browsing (https).” FaceBook unchecks this box by default (they don’t want you to have privacy 🙂 I suppose?
  6. Tick that box and select “Secure Browsing”
  7. Click “Save” and that’s it

Hope this has been of help!

~ Social Media Tips by Brenda JOHIMA ~

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Try It : You Just Might Like Me

Here’s my new look, my new brand, my new Social Media and marketing slogan … a spoof and spin-off, of course, from the FaceBook “like” button, and of course, the good old saying “Try it, you just might like it.” You can interpret it however you want, there are many interpretations. I am really super excited about my new direction, new softer color palette, the works. More coming soon! In the meantime, test it out on my JOHIMA FaceBook landing page.

~ brenda johima ~

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I’m Speaking at Social Media Camp Victoria 2011 #SMCV11

I’m super excited to be speaking at Social Media Camp 2011 in Victoria and with such a FUN topic! “I’ve Got an iPhone, Now What?” …  as well as iPhone photography applications and sharing images via Social Media. And as it’s snowing today, here’s one image, captured with my iPhone 3G and post-processed in-camera (in-phone). Can you guess which iPhone app(s) I used?

Hope to see you at Social Media Camp in June, and if you are on Twitter, I’m @johima for design, SEO and Social Media tips and @brendajohima for my fine art and photography and a smorgasbord of other topics I tweet about. If you want to follow the pre-conference excitement, here’s the scoop:

~ brenda johima ~

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I Spoke At Social Media Camp 2010 #smcv10

I wrote about my 2010 Social Media Camp speaking engagement on my personal blog at so you can read all about it there, rather than me posting a duplicate here 🙂

Being selected as a speaker for Social Media Camp  in #yyj (the hashtag for Victoria for those of you who are not on Twitter yet) was the fuel that inspired my passion for Social Media communications and marketing even more, and has been a big part of what you see here today, my brand new website, which now (finally) includes Social Media services.

~ brenda johima ~

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