A Helping Hand for Brenda Johima : Kick Breast Cancer Out!

This is a blog post I never imagined myself writing.

In April of 2014 I received a diagnosis of an invasive 3/3 breast cancer. Since that time I have had a lumpectomy (breast conserving surgery) and also a sentinel node biopsy.

Next, I head to Victoria for consultations with the Medical Oncologist and Radiation Oncologist on June 25th and July 8th (2014). The BC Cancer Agency has me down for chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy at this time. I will find out my options and make decisions on which treatments to accept and/or decline. I will do radiation for sure, and this will commence as soon as possible. I anticipate July.

Friends just set up a crowdsourced fund-raising campaign for me online, and we are off to a good start, in just two days, they raised $690.00 for me. Thank you!

Off in the right column, you will see the widget for my YouCaring page, please grab the code and add it to your own website or blog if you have one. Can you help spread the word? Every dollar helps. I’ve been a solo, home based entrepreneur since 2002, and as an artist/designer/creative, am lacking extra funds for upcoming added expenses.

As I live rural, the closest centre to receive radiation treatment is a 3-4 hour drive from my home (depending on traffic and the number of stops made of course). I’ll be making that commute twice weekly, there and back, as the cancer agency lodge is closed on weekends in Victoria. It sounds exhausting already. The BC cancer lodging costs $45.00 per day, which adds up to $900.00 per month or $1260.00 per month if I transfer my file to Kelowna, which is open 7 days per week. Kelowna is a possibility as I was supposed to be moving to the Okanagan (pre-cancer diagnosis) to move to a drier climate for chronic pain.

Please know that every little bit helps. It all adds up. No amount is too small. Really. A few dollars helps.

And you can do this too … as one of my friends said, “if you can’t send cash, please send her courage, love, positive vibes and prayers.”

Thank you very much,

With love,
Brenda Johima

My Photography Portfolio Site

Dancing To Belong

I’ve got some exciting news!
I am turning this website into a photography portfolio.
Watch for a full transformation of this website, right here, that will be simply for viewing of photographic images, both mobile and DSLR.

Come back soon!

With gratitude,
Brenda Johima

“Dancing To Belong” © 2014 Brenda Johima



NEWS: As of May 1, 2013, I am no longer taking clients or offering most of the services listed on this website (except for mobile photography, iPhoneography, visual social media, and workshops and speaking engagements, which WILL continue) for an indefinite period of time. Please visit me instead, at BrendaJohima.com Thank you, — Brenda Johima JOHIMA Designs/JOHIMA […]

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iPhone Photography Speaking Engagement at Social Media Conference


I am speaking at Social Media Camp 2013, May 6-8, in Victoria, B.C. This will be my fourth year in a row as a featured speaker. I LOVE this conference and the quality of education and speakers, as well as the great friends I have made, who are with me still. I offer a BIG Thank […]

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Today is Change Your Password Day! How to Create a Strong Password

Good Morning! Today is change your password day! OK, I made that up, but it’s a good idea to change your password on a regular basis. You must create strong passwords and change your passwords on a regular basis. It’s your best defense against hackers. And … even if you do create strong passwords, there […]

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Great News for Canadian Photographers

copyright symbol

Mine. Mine. Mine. All Mine. As a photographer, fan and regular user of WordPress, and from my love of, and support for the tech community in Victoria B.C., I spoke at WordCamp Victoria 2012 on the topic of Copyright and joined my friend and colleague, Janis La Couvee. The title of our session was Disclosures, […]

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Mobile Photography at Social Media Camp 2013

I've got an iPhone, Now What? (photo)

(Revised April 11, 2013, I have scaled this event down to a smaller, more manageable size, within the conference, so please stay tuned for an updated blog post … and get ready to start to share cell phone images 😉 I’m thrilled to announce and to make public, that I will be once again coordinating […]

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Social Media for Special Needs and Disabilities

BREAKING NEWS! I’m adding a specialty in special needs and disabilities (challenges of all kinds) in my social media business as a new service from here forward. I do believe that there is a lack of representation for persons with disabilities and special needs online via social media, and at conferences as well. This new […]

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Silence is More Powerful than Noise Online

“Silence is more powerful than noise online.” — Brenda Johima This could simply read “silence is more powerful than noise.” Period. Online, this means, only post, write, Tweet, Facebook, blog when you feel, when you want, when you have value to add, and something that has emotional impact and/or an opportunity for learning. Having said […]

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iPhone Photography (iPhoneography) Workshop in Prince George B.C.

iPhone Photo from Italy

I’ll be in the Northern Interior of B.C., in Prince George this fall (2012) for two workshops, at the Two Rivers Gallery. In the workshop below, I’ll cover the basics of iPhone photography (iPhoneography) and mobile photography for artists and business owners. It’s intended to be an introductory workshop but anyone at any level of […]

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