Do The Right Thing : Say NO To Spreading Work Without Credit

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Here’s one more TIP on intellectual copyright. I’m an advocate for the arts, and 100% believe that artists, creatives and photographers must receive credit (and pay) for their work. What can YOU do online to help protect the careers of artists, creatives and photographers? It’s plain good karma. The right thing to do is to […]

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Intellectual Copyright is a HOT Topic Right Now and it Should Be

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Intellectual copyright is a HOT topic right now and it should be. The very livelihood of artists and content creators is at risk. If you jumped into Pinterest (as I did) or onto any social network which may not be crediting the original source (artist/photographer) I’m asking you to login and delete any images that […]

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Twitter TIP : It’s Your Job To Reach Out To Others

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Twitter #TIP : Before you unfollow someone because they have not followed you back, send them an @ reply, say HI and strike up a conversation. 90% of the time they follow back. (Twitter can be frustrating and confusing for those starting out and new to Twitter, or even for “old-timers” who expect a follow-back) […]

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I’m Speaking at WordCamp Victoria 2012

I'm Speaking at WordCamp Victoria 2012

Hi there, thanks for popping by. Brenda Johima here, and I’ve got a teeny-tiny 10 minute speaking engagement ( plus a Q&A afterwards with Janis La Couvée ) to speak on a topic near and dear to my heart … copyright and moral rights, as it relates to photography, art and images online for bloggers, […]

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Food For Families : Comox Valley : Campbell River


Help me help the Food Banks in the Comox Valley and in Campbell River. I’ll be Tweeting live on location, with Bob Johnstone of 97.3 The Eagle On Twitter : Follow @brendajohima and @johima Follow @ThriftyFoods and @TheEagle973 On the Radio : 97.3 The Eagle Listen in : Courtenay:   9:00AM – 1:00PM  –  Breana Morgan […]

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Comox Valley based JOHIMA to Speak at Social Media Camp Victoria 2011

I'm Speaking At Social Media Camp 2011

From the Comox Valley to Victoria … Vancouver Island, I’m thrilled to be, once again, speaking at Social Media Camp in Victoria, and it’s coming up, in only a few days! A BIG THANK YOU to Paul Holmes of IdeaZone and Chris Burdge of bWest Interactive for this opportunity to speak, but most importantly, for […]

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30 Twitter Tips for Business in 30 Minutes : Comox Valley

Are you a business owner in the Comox Valley, an early adopter and already on Twitter? Super! Or, have you been waiting, and you do want to get your business on Twitter, but can’t understand how it all works? It’s not too late to jump into Twitter with your business. I’ll be doing a brief […]

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Know. Like. Trust.

Know. Like. Trust. Break the Trust. There Goes Your Business (and potential clients/colleagues). It can happen in a flash with social media. There’s no hiding with social media. In my opinion, the Trust factor is number 1, with Like and Know, in 2nd and 3rd place. What order do you place them in? And Why? […]

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Compartmentalizing Social Media and My Life

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Here is what I posted today, to my personal FaceBook profile as a note. I’m hoping it may help some of you out there, who are searching also, for a way to deal with social media overwhelm for yourself, but also for those of us who do work online a lot, this may be  a […]

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Radian6 : Social Media Monitoring

Recently I contacted Radian6 and requested a review of the Radian6 platform, and sat in on an online demo with Sara Frystacki, Senior Business Development Manager with Radian6, who provided an overview of the platform with a small group of us. Sara was fantastic, knows her stuff, was super friendly, and I’d highly recommend this […]

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