Compartmentalizing Social Media and My Life

Here is what I posted today, to my personal FaceBook profile as a note. I’m hoping it may help some of you out there, who are searching also, for a way to deal with social media overwhelm for yourself, but also for those of us who do work online a lot, this may be  a way (I am finding) to not overwhelm close family and friends (who may have no (zero) interest in my fascination and passion for a career in Social Media, they just want to see my photos or (YES!) hear what I ate for breakfast or lunch, or that I went to the swimming pool or to a music concert). It’s also a way to not overwhelm colleagues on my personal friend list who are already reading (too much) content online all day.

Hope this is of some help to you too:

Hi to all my friends and family. Thank you for connecting with me, and for staying connected, in whatever way we can. You matter. People matter. LOVE matters. Connection matters.

My FaceBook “friend” list is not a big list. It’s quite small actually. I have few friends (in comparison to some folks on FaceBook) and I’m 100% OK with that. I’m not a FaceBook friend collector.

If you are on my personal list, you really do matter to me. I want you here in my life, in some way, for some reason. We are meant to be connected. I’m not trying to gain hundreds or thousands of friends on FaceBook on my personal profile. If you are on my personal profile friend list, I have enlisted HUGE trust in you, to not break our trust. My FaceBook “friends” are real friends to me.

Now … I really like social media. A lot. And I like you. A lot more. In person and in real life.

If I can’t see you in person, I’d like to talk to you on the phone  (1+ (250) 335 – 1195.

If we can’t make that happen for some reason, then we connect here on FaceBook, and in my opinion, this too, is real life. Online life and in person life, are both real to me, because I do choose to share my real and authentic self.

Did I say that I really like social media? I LOVE social media. I promote most of my business now, via Social Media. And would love for you to give me a hand in spreading the word.

I have created several FaceBook pages for business and would LOVE it if you would “like” them (many of you have, and Thank You SO Much!) So why so many pages? Here’s why:

  • I Tweet a lot. I write a lot. I create a lot. I post a lot on FaceBook. For some folks, I know it’s too much. Too much overwhelm of content. And that’s OK. However, it’s who I am, and I like it. Sooooo, to make it easier for my friends and family (and business colleagues) you can choose which department(s) (I’m calling it compartmentalizing) most interest you. I would LOVE to have you join me in all of it, but I know everyone is different. This way you can choose only the parts of my life and business you really want to follow. For each account below, I post only information relevant to that target market/topic.
  • I’ll be keeping my FaceBook personal profile posts for friends and family, pretty much, yep, more personal stuff. So if you don’t want to hear all that real stuff, and are more interested in business, you can un-friend me. My feelings won’t be hurt a bit 🙂 There are many many ways we can connect as you can see from my list below.
  • I’m a self-professed multi-talented creative. Some people don’t believe one person can do it all. But I do. And I love it. I have found over the years, that for most people, it is easier for them to have it split into sections, rather than to be overwhelmed by the huge amount of content in multiple categories, that I create on a daily basis.
  • Online Marketing. I try to reach different audiences and customers/clients with each niche. Join me in the one(s) that interest you most. And help spread the word?
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • It makes it easier for me also to separate in my brain, the many ideas that I have bubbling up on a daily basis. It actually makes it easier for me to manage my own brain! LOL.

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Today Just Give It Away

Today, just give it away. (no, I don’t mean a FaceBook contest or Twitter contest for your product or services). Your kindness, your love, helpfulness, compassion, caring, listening, noticing and then reaching out and lending a hand … just give it away today.

People need it.

Business is about people first. Social Media is about people first. Human beings are not dollar signs, and none of us want to be seen as one, treated as one. Your success in social media first, will come from your desire and ability to build relationships, and then … to nurture them.

Today, just give it away. Care about others first. Be curious about others first. You know that love you can see in the eyes of a dog? That beautiful warm love and loyalty and awe, that they have for you, and for other human beings? You know, we’ve all seen that look. Pure love. They adore you, us.

Do that. Do that.

daschund dog with loving eyes in baby buggy

You don’t have to be all mushy with your words in business if you don’t want to (although these days, that’s not a bad thing at all either)people can feel your energy, your thoughts, your moods. Simply express through your intention. People will notice. They will feel it.

Today, just give it away, who you really are. We are not separate from our business.

Social media has given us one of the most powerful tools ever, when used for good, to make a difference in the lives of others, yes, through your business. Use it.

Today on FaceBook and Twitter, just give it away. Your kindness, your love, helpfulness, compassion, caring, listening, noticing and then reaching out and lending a hand … just give it away today.

~ Social Media Tips by Brenda Johima ~

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Have You Checked Your FaceBook Security Settings Lately? Yikes!

You know how FaceBook constantly makes changes? You know how FaceBook makes changes but doesn’t always tell you about it? Well, how do you know if you are browsing safely while logged in? Better check these settings! You just might be vulnerable to be hacked.

  1. Go to your Account, top right corner
  2. Click on “Account Settings”
  3. Click on “Account Security”
  4. Click the blue word “change”
  5. A drop down will show you a box you can tick called “Secure Browsing (https).” FaceBook unchecks this box by default (they don’t want you to have privacy 🙂 I suppose?
  6. Tick that box and select “Secure Browsing”
  7. Click “Save” and that’s it

Hope this has been of help!

~ Social Media Tips by Brenda JOHIMA ~

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