Comox Valley based JOHIMA to Speak at Social Media Camp Victoria 2011

I'm Speaking At Social Media Camp 2011From the Comox Valley to Victoria … Vancouver Island, I’m thrilled to be, once again, speaking at Social Media Camp in Victoria, and it’s coming up, in only a few days!

A BIG THANK YOU to Paul Holmes of IdeaZone and Chris Burdge of bWest Interactive for this opportunity to speak, but most importantly, for their dedication and ongoing hard work in the Social Media community, not only in Victoria, but in helping to raise the bar for social media professionals all over Vancouver Island and beyond.

Their reach has been far and wide, and it is with much gratitude to Paul and to Chris, and to the huge group of volunteers who are all working so hard to pull together this amazing 2 day conference, that I will be attending both as speaker and as participant. This is one conference, not to be missed.

The information for the conference, and all the ways you can get in touch, or follow conference via social media channels, is at the bottom of this post. Please support their work.

Hope to see you there! And if not this year in person, stay tuned on Twitter, as there will likely be a lot of Tweets flooding Twitter on June 3rd and 4th, 2011, let’s get Social Media Camp trending. *Also, for my session below, make sure to stay tuned on Flickr and on Instagram, one of only two places online where I will be encouraging participants throughout the conference, to share their images and photographs via social media.*

So here’s my “official” session write up:

My Session Title😕 I’ve got an iPhone, now what? Photography Apps and Social Media for Sharing Images.

Session Extract😕 SHOW. Like. Trust. Images sell.

Almost everything online is sold and marketed using text content and/or images. iPhone and cell phone photography is growing at a rapid pace, not only as an artistic tool for creative expression, but as a viable tool to be used for business and marketing online via Social Media and image sharing. Brenda’s tool of choice is the iPhone 3G. Yes, the iPhone 3G. She has chosen to challenge herself by not upgrading to the new and shiny, bigger and faster is better, but to create stunning images using the 1st generation iPhone camera. There is no shutter speed or aperture, and Brenda knows that the most FUN and creativity come from living in the unknown and letting go of control.

What will you come away with?

  • Learn tips and tricks on how you can improve your iPhone photography skills, using a few basic elements of fine art and design
  • Learn the basics of how to make images “pop” using a few of Brenda’s favorite photography and art apps.
  • Brenda will also share how, why and which brands are using iPhone photography, and why you too, can join in this super FUN and powerful way of working and sharing online
  • Learn where you can share your images online using social networks
  • Although the session is geared to iPhone photography, many of the points will be applicable to any cell phone photographer and everyone is welcome to attend whether you have an iPhone or not
  • Brenda will present images she has created that show how she used apps and her iPhone as an artistic tool
  • How you too, can tap into the FUN and joy of iPhone photography

For more information about Social Media Camp:

  1. Here’s the #smcv11 website
  2. Here’s my Brenda Johima speaker page on the Social Media Camp 2011 website
  3. Follow Social Media Camp on Twitter
  4. The hashtag for Social Media Camp on Twitter is #smcv11
  5. Here’s the Social Media Camp FaceBook page
  6. I’m on Twitter as @brendajohima and @johima
  7. I’m on FaceBook as brenda.johima.creative and as JOHIMA and


Hope To See You There! … Please say Hello 🙂

~ Brenda Johima ~

Take Online, Offline. Call Me. 1.250.335.1195


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