Do The Right Thing : Say NO To Spreading Work Without Credit

Copyright SymbolHere’s one more TIP on intellectual copyright. I’m an advocate for the arts, and 100% believe that artists, creatives and photographers must receive credit (and pay) for their work.

What can YOU do online to help protect the careers of artists, creatives and photographers? It’s plain good karma. The right thing to do is to not steal images online.

Here’s one thing that I do. If I see something posted online on a social network that does not have a photographer credit, I post a friendly question “Who is the photographer?” … right in the comment thread or post. It’s a simple way to bring attention to the issue without a big fuss. Sometimes people are not aware, and then I suggest that they add the artist/photographers name and link to their website. Many will happily apologize and do that. Others, shockingly, do not care.

Great images bring tremendous traffic to websites and Facebook pages and social networks.

Artists and photographers work hard to create that work.

Others do not have the right to use that work without permission, or to receive pay or credit from that work without going through the proper channels. Even if a business is “only” receiving extra traffic as a result of images used without permission, they are receiving profit from someone else’s hard work. (and livelihood)

Not OK.

Ask permission to use images, pay for images, and at minimum, credit the original source of the content creator with their full name and a link back to their website, and let them know that you did so.

Stand up for each other online. Let’s work together on this. Stand up for other artists and photographers. Demand that business owners and bloggers give credit where credit is due.

Do the right thing. Be An Advocate for the Arts.

Say NO to spreading work online which does not have credit included.

P.S. And that includes Pinterest. Say NO to spreading and creating pins and boards that do not credit the artist/photographer/designer who created the original work.

— Brenda Johima
JOHIMA Social Media + Marketing

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