Macphun FX Photo Studio App Giveaways at Social Media Camp

Win some apps at Social Media Camp!

iPhone photographers are in for a treat at Social Media Camp this year. Bring your best iPhone photos that you already have taken, and also be prepared to take some new photos at the conference, June 8th and June 9th for a chance to win some really cool app downloads.

*NEW* to Social Media Camp this year is an iPhone and Mobile Phone Photo Exhibit (real time and online)

>>Details on how you can win will be all laid out for you in an upcoming separate blog post.<<

As both a social media consultant and also an artist and avid iPhone photographer I love to inspire and to encourage others to also get excited and passionate about mobile phone photography and having some cool apps in your photography toolkit, certainly helps. I’m absolutely thrilled what I have come up with, and you will not believe what I have got in store for you!

You’ll have a chance to submit your mobile phone photos in order to win these apps. I’m seeing this not as a “contest” but as an exhibit, where photos are submitted real time, throughout the two days (details and basic submission guidelines to follow) with the goal being creativity and participation from as many people as possible.

** please note. these are not affiliate links. i have requested app giveaways on my own, for conference attendees, in order to encourage participation in the new mobile phone photo-art show/exhibit. this comes from my desire and belief that better images make for a more beautiful web, and if we have a few techniques and awesome apps to help out, let’s share the wealth of it for all of us to not only improve photography skills but also stretch our creative boundaries as there truly are no limits. my gift to you. i’m not getting paid to do this **

The amazing folks at MacPhun Inspiring Software have very generously given me some codes (41) for FREE downloads of some apps for iPhone, MAC and iPad, including FX Photo Studio and Snapheal and Color Splash Studio

FX Photo Studio for iPhone Logo
1. FX Photo Studio for iPhone

Here’s the developers description : “FX Photo Studio offers more bang for your buck than any other app on the App Store with its outstanding assortment of 194 filters. It is the most popular version of the FX Photo Studio brand and is a top photography application in over 50 different countries. FX Photo Studio for iPhone is utilized by both amateur and professional photographers who seek simple, but powerful image processing on-the-go. Users can turn their iPhone or iPod touch into a fantastic photo editing studio that allows them to mix and tune every single effect, mask effects, and share their photos via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Many would be surprised by the countless creative image editing possibilities that FX Photo Studio provides on-the-go.” Read about the FX Photo Studio app for MAC and iPad here >>

Snapheal for MAC
2. Snapheal

The developers website calls this app a “super hero for your photos” that “removes unwanted objects, can heal damaged photos, fix skin imperfections and “fixes photos in minutes” and it’s a “First-of-its-kind photo app for Mac that lets you perform professional image enhancements in minutes.”

Color Splash Studio for MAC

3. Color Splash Studio for MAC

This is an app for selective color photography. Here are some snippets from the developers website state that this app is : “iPhoto and Aperture friendly. You can import photos from those libraries and export back to iPhoto, Aperture and Photoshop. It has a toolbox that includes selection tools to make images with selective colors, including the ability to adjust parameters of the brush, a variety of monochrome layers, customize brightness, contrast, saturation, hues, vignettes and more.”

Here’s what I will have to give away to some lucky photographers. I’ll be set up at Booth 24.

Below, is one example of what can be done with FX Photo Studio for iPhone (which is one of my most used apps for iPhone) and the creative possibilities truly are endless. I’m happy to be able to share this all with you. It’s a win-win for the app developers and for some lucky social media conference attendees. In an upcoming blog post, I’ll list the categories for photo submissions, and here’s a hint for one *architecture and buildings* (Thanks to Katharine Holmes for suggesting an architecture category. Good idea!) You can be as traditional, or creative and abstract as you like. You can even start now, snapping photos before you get to the conference šŸ™‚

iPhone Art called City on Fire by Brenda Johima

I’ll see you in Victoria, at Social Media Camp 2012 and please do join me at my speaking engagement if you want to learn some tips and tricks for iPhoneography and the basic elements of fine art and design that can be applied to almost any photograph, with any cell phone.

ā€” Brenda Johima


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