Silence is More Powerful than Noise Online

“Silence is more powerful than noise online.”
— Brenda Johima

This could simply read “silence is more powerful than noise.” Period.

Online, this means, only post, write, Tweet, Facebook, blog when you feel, when you want, when you have value to add, and something that has emotional impact and/or an opportunity for learning. Having said this, there still are no “rules” on when you must post, despite what “experts” may tell you. It’s simply my take on things.

People shut out noise. They listen, we listen … when wisdom and smarts jump out from within the silence online … and even more so, if you’ve opened hearts at the same time.

What are you adding online? Heart, smarts, value, love, learning, meaning and connection?

Or … noise 😉 ?

— Brenda Johima


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