I’m Speaking at WordCamp Victoria 2012

I'm Speaking at WordCamp Victoria 2012Hi there, thanks for popping by. Brenda Johima here, and I’ve got a teeny-tiny 10 minute speaking engagement ( plus a Q&A afterwards with Janis La Couvée ) to speak on a topic near and dear to my heart … copyright and moral rights, as it relates to photography, art and images online for bloggers, and in this case, for those who are using the WordPress platform for publishing content online.

The target market for my session is basic beginners, and although my time is brief, I know that 10 minutes can make as big a difference as 5 minutes or 60 minutes … it’s simply that one must to choose less words, but more purposefully, and put them together in an organized fashion.

This session is geared to the basics for beginners and bloggers (as it is a legal issue and we are not lawyers) however we welcome participants from all levels from intermediate to advanced to join us for the Question and Answer Period. We value and want you to share your input and ideas. This is a legal issue, and with constantly changing laws in so many different countries … we simply aim to at least increase awareness on this topic so that more and more, we see people giving credit where credit is due, and to the original content creators online.

Janis Couvée and I are sharing the stage for this one session. I will contribute my content as it relates to photos, images and art online. Janis will speak right before me on disclosures, attribution and also copyright, and afterwards we will have a Question and Answer Period, in order to stimulate some great discussion and conversation on this complex and ever-changing topic.

Janis La Couvée is a financial services professional with a keen interest in community building and the arts.  She is a member of the Social Media Club Victoria leadership team, and was the lead organizer for Twestival Victoria. Her blog is an extension of her Twitter, social media and community experience. Janis is passionate about bridging online and offline communities to effect positive social change. Find out more about Janis’s topic at WordCamp on disclosures, attribution and copyright as it relates to content sharing online.

Janis writes on her website, a description of her session on attribution, copyright and disclosures : 

“In the ever evolving realm of social media and the internet, content is created and shared. Now that we’re blogging, how do we credit the original creator? Do we have the right to use the image or written copy? Does our audience really need to know if we are paid to write a post, or received free tickets to an event? We’ll examine some of the best practices and standards for disclosing, consider the importance of attribution, and discuss the sometimes thorny issue of copyright. Giving credit where credit is due, while remaining transparent – is it possible?”

See you there See you at WordCamp Victoria 2012 … this Saturday the 14th of January, 2012.
— Brenda Johima

P.S. Also, please do come and Say Hello to Me in the Happiness Bar … I’m volunteering some time with Jon Valade of IdeaZone.ca 🙂

P.S.P.S. If you are new here? I’m Brenda Johima and here’s the little blurb about me:

Brenda Johima IS Art, Creativity, Design and Social Media combined under one roof. Her own roof. Since 2002 Brenda Johima has operated her home based business, JOHIMA Designs, now rebranded as simply, JOHIMA, which provides graphic design for print and web. In order to provide clients with a one-stop shop for success, she also jumped into SEO, Internet Marketing, and Social Media. During the entire time Brenda has also been very active as an artist and photographer creating images for personal and artistic expression and also for client advertising, marketing and promotional materials.

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