Camera+ iPhone app Giveaway at Social Media Camp

Thanks to iPhone Photographer Lisa Bettany and tap tap tap, developers of an awesome iPhone photography app, Camera+ … I have kindly been given 10 copies copies of Camera+ to giveaway to mobile photographers attending the Social Media Camp conference.

iPhone photographers are in for a treat at Social Media Camp this year. Bring your best iPhone photos that you already have taken, and also be prepared to take some new photos at the conference, June 8th and June 9th for a chance to win some really cool app downloads including Camera+ !

Lisa Bettany (Mostly Lisa), who traveled around the world with her iPhone has graciously gifted me with copies

*NEW* to Social Media Camp this year is an iPhone and Mobile Phone Photo Exhibit (real time and online)

When people ask me which apps to buy, I always suggest that if they were to buy only one app, purchase Camera+ … and why? I think it is an amazing app for total beginner iPhone photographers to start with, AND it’s an excellent and fast way for amateur and pro photographers to work quickly. It’s still my main #1 “go-to” app for post-processing, or for starting out with an image, or for finishing it off after importing work from another app. It’s also considered a “camera replacement app” which means that unlike some other apps, it can (and often does) replace the camera in the phone.

Camera+ iPhone app logo
On the developer website they describe the Camera+ app like this :

“Amazing photos with virtually no effort…With just a few quick taps, you’re able to transform dull, lifeless photos into beautiful creations. Editing your photos with Camera+ is extremely simple and intuitive to use. You’ll quickly achieve professional-looking results with no fuss and absolutely no need to learn any complicated terminology and procedures. And best of all, it’s fun!”

>>Details on how you can win a copy of Camera+ will be all laid out for you in an upcoming separate blog post.<<

You’ll have a chance to submit your mobile phone photos in order to win an app. I’m seeing this not as a “contest” but as an exhibit, where photos are submitted real time, throughout the two days (details and basic submission guidelines to follow) with the goal being creativity and participation from as many people as possible.

** please note. these are not affiliate links. i have requested app giveaways on my own, for conference attendees, in order to encourage participation in the new mobile phone photo-art show/exhibit. this comes from my desire and belief that better images make for a more beautiful web, and if we have a few techniques and awesome apps to help out, let’s share the wealth of it for all of us to not only improve photography skills but also stretch our creative boundaries as there truly are no limits. my gift to you. i’m not getting paid to do this **

I’ll see you in Victoria, at Social Media Camp 2012 and please do join me at my speaking engagement if you want to learn some tips and tricks for iPhoneography and the basic elements of fine art and design that can be applied to almost any photograph, with any cell phone.

— Brenda Johima

Granville Island Patio iPhone Photo

One example of a photo post-processed with Camera+


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